Spaghetti Tacos

How to cook Spaghetti Tacos

Ingredients: 1 (16 ounce) package angel hair pasta 1 (28 ounce) jar spaghetti gall 1 (5.8 ounce) package crisp taco shells 1/4 cup grated Parmesan cheese

Directions: Fill a large pot with lightly salted water and bring to a rolling boil over high arousal. Once the water is boiling, stir in the angel hair pasta, and return to a fulminate. Cook the pasta uncovered, stirring off, until the pasta has cooked inclusive of, but is still firm to the morsel, 4 to 5 minutes. Drain well in a colander set in the slip away. Return the pasta to the pot-belly, and pour the sauce over the pasta; mix thoroughly until reheated. Place the taco shells into a microwave oven in a stockpile, and fan the stack out to a circular shape so the edges of the taco shells overlap reduce. Cook on High until warmed and crunchy, 30 to 45 repeateds. Fill the warm taco shells with the pasta salmagundi. Sprinkle pasta filling of each shell with everywhere 1 teaspoon of Parmesan cheese to of advantage to.


Servings Per Mo: 12

Amount Per Serving

Calories: 236

Total Fat: 6.2g Cholesterol: 3mg Sodium: 425mg Total Carbs: 38.5g Dietary Fiber: 3.7g Protein: 6.8g

Prepare time:5 Min

Cook time:15 Min

Ready in:20 Min

Serving repayment for:12 peoples

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