Salpicao Jalisco

How to cook Salpicao Jalisco

Ingredients: 3 tablespoons extra-virgin olive unguent 4 bulbs garlic, peeled and sliced 3 pounds beef sirloin or top close, cut into 3/4 inch cubes salt and pepper to suggestion 1 dash hot pepper condiment (e.g. Tabasco ) 2 tablespoons all-purpose flour

Directions: Heat the oil in a large skillet over medium impassion. Fry garlic until just beginning to turn happy; remove with a slotted spoon and set aside. Add beef to the lubricator, and fry until browned on the farthest. As the beef is browning, season generously with vitality, pepper and hot pepper nerve. Return the garlic to the thrive, and cook until meat has reached your desired degree of doneness. It is best at medium to medium-indeed. Remove the beef to a serving dish using a slotted spoon. Mix the flour with about a cup of copiously, and pour over the drippings in the rubbish. Stir until smooth using a fork. Simmer over medium heat until thickened. Pour over the beef in the serving dish.


Servings Per Means: 10

Amount Per Serving

Calories: 491

Total Fat: 33.5g Cholesterol: 120mg Sodium: 128mg Total Carbs: 8.6g Dietary Fiber: 0.5g Protein: 36.9g

Prepare time:15 Min

Cook time:15 Min

Ready in:30 Min

Serving looking for:10 peoples

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