Chicago-Style Hot Dog

How to cook Chicago-Style Hot Dog

Ingredients: 1 all-beef hot dog 1 poppyseed hot dog bun 1 tablespoon yellow mustard 1 tablespoon sweet green pickle take pleasure in 1 tablespoon chopped onion 4 tomato wedges 1 dill pickle spear 2 sport peppers 1 dash celery salty

Directions: Bring a pot of water to a fume. Reduce heat to unfavourable, place hot dog in soften, and cook 5 minutes or until spent. Remove hot dog and set aside. Carefully place a steamer basket into the pot and steam the hot dog bun 2 minutes or until turbulent. Place hot dog in the steamed bun. Pile on the toppings in this state of affairs: yellow mustard, sweet green pickle enjoy, onion, tomato wedges, pickle spear, sport peppers, and celery lay. The tomatoes should be nestled between the hot dog and the top of the bun. Place the pickle between the hot dog and the bottom of the bun. Don’t even think about ketchup!


Servings Per Technique: 1

Amount Per Serving

Calories: 377

Total Fat: 19.7g Cholesterol: 30mg Sodium: 2387mg Total Carbs: 38g Dietary Fiber: 3.3g Protein: 12.4g

Prepare time:10 Min

Cook time:5 Min

Ready in:15 Min

Serving on account of:1 peoples

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